Our public education system has a responsibility to provide a high quality education to each and every one of its students.

Effective leadership and management are essential to the future of public education, therefore we will invest in the ongoing learning, support and development of local education leaders.

Engaging all our members is necessary to accomplish our mission and achieve our vision, therefore, we must be inclusive and value diversity.

Proposed education reforms, application of technology and changes in practice should be based upon the best available research.

The Association has a responsibility to actively advocate for a public education system that sets high expectations for all students and is responsive to their learning needs.

Appropriate and deep integration of technology in instruction and direct management will enhance effective teaching and efficient operation of public education.

The association will enable its membership to provide: an informed, powerful, cohesive voice to influence state legislation, policies and funding; systems of professional support and collegiality; strategic leadership for the continuous improvement of public education for all children.